India’s Muslim Spring Why is Nobody Talking About it?

Hasan Suroor (Author)

RS. 395

There is a new generation of Muslims who want to rid the community of its insular and sectarian approach by concentrating on things that affect their everyday lives. This book focuses on the current Muslim mood in India, particularly that of the youth who are trying to move the community into a new more positive direction. Despite a marked increase in religiosity and an assertion of Muslim identity, young Muslims are more secular and forward-looking than the older generation. They also have a strong sense of belonging to India and see no contradiction between being proud Indians and proud Muslims at the same time. Keen to draw a line under the past, they are harbingers of India’s equivalent of ‘Muslim spring’.
Book Features:

A study of Muslim identity in contemporary India.
This book is an attempt to provide a corrective to the often deliberately peddled negative perceptions of Muslims and to highlight the profound change in Muslim thinking.
A narrative on the younger generation Muslims in India as more cosmopolitan and inclusive and Indian.
Talks of the quiet but historic shift taking place in the Muslim mood.



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