Kuknalim, Naga Armed Resistance: Testimonies of Leaders, Pastors, Healers …
Book by Nandita Haksar and Sebastian M. Hongray

PUBLICATION: Speaking Tiger Publishing Private Limited (10 June 2019)


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About the Author
Nandita Haksar and Sebastian M. Hongray began their political journey as human rights activists while studying in the Jawaharlal Nehru University. In the early 1980s, they began working full time in the human rights movement. They filed the first cases against the Indian Armed Forces, for committing human rights violations, in the Supreme Court and before the Guwahati High Court. They have also been involved in the Indo-Naga peace process, and represented NSCN leaders internationally, before the UNHCR, Geneva and before the courts in Thailand. Their publications include The Judgement That Never Came: Army Rule in North East India; ABC of Naga Culture and Civilization: A Resource Book (Nandita Haksar); Across the Chicken Neck: Travels in Northeast India (Nandita Haksar) and The Exodus Is Not Over: Migrations from the Ruptured Homelands of Northeast India (Nandita Haksar).

Kuknalim, Naga Armed Resistanc...


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