The Most Dangerous Place: A History of the United States in South Asia

By Srinath Raghavan (Author)

Publisher: Penguin Allen Lane (18 June 2018)

Language: English

Hardcover: 472 pages

Product description
‘Raghavan’s remarkable historical command yields a definitive, unrivalled account of America’s long, ambivalent and ultimately transforming relationship with South Asia: a place of danger and treasure, and a strategic prize still to be won’ (Sunil Khilnani)

‘Starting with the Raj, Srinath Raghavan’s book is the first comprehensive history of the relations between the US and South Asia. It sheds new light on the role reversal between India and Pakistan as the main partner of Washington in the region. Based on original material, it is a truly remarkable tour de force!’ (Christophe Jaffrelot)

‘Srinath Raghavan, one of the very best diplomatic and military historians working on modern South Asia, has written an excellent and ambitious book. Deeply researched and elegantly written, the book is rich with insights on democratic foreign policy, nuclear proliferation and confrontation, Islamist resurgence, and more-shaping the political and social bonds between the last superpower and almost a quarter of humanity’ (Gary J. Bass)

‘We finally have an outstanding and most readable long history of US engagement with South Asia thanks to one of India’s preeminent contemporary historians, Srinath Raghavan’ (Shivshankar Menon)

‘This is one of the best histories of US engagement with South Asia offering a more nuanced and coherent perspective. Raghavan has burnished his reputation as India’s leading contemporary historian and political analyst’ (Shyam Saran India Today)

‘One of India’s finest modern historians . . . Raghavan’s mastery has been in bringing together a vast trove of material to write this eminently readable history of the US in South Asia’ (Outlook)

‘Raghavan is to be commended for the rich temporal tapestry he has woven and it is a complex yet rewarding trapeze’ (Financial Express)

‘The book is both sweeping and insightful . . . it is a definitive account . . . it is a fascinating story, told accurately and engagingly’ (Indian Express)

‘Srinath Raghavan’s broad and detailed swathe of the US-South Asia relationship beautifully brings out the inherent contradiction in the heart of US policy’ (Jyoti Malhotra Print)

About the Author
Srinath Raghavan was a former infantry officer in the Indian Army and a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi. He has studied and taught at King’s College, London, and is the author of two highly praised books, War and Peace in Modern India: A Strategic History of the Nehru Years (2010) and 1971: A Global History of the Creation of Bangladesh (2013). He is a recipient of the 2015 Infosys Prize (Social Sciences).

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