And I Just Fell All Over Again (English) (Paperback)
What happens when two souls gone astray bump into each other? A silly girl and a foolish boy. Both with their own story of excruciating ordeal. There is so much of solace they find in each other’s arms. Besotted entirely, but the horror of stepping into a relation haunts. The mind and the heart get into an open battle. Who will win? Or was this just a metaphor of an illusion?

A bombshell of a girl around, an old pal who has all the money in the world to party on for lifetime, a brotherly friend who is a crack in the head. Can they make life a runaway victory?

Will he dive into an ocean of affection or drown in the deep waters of abhorrence?

Specifications of And I Just Fell All Over Again (English) (Paperback)
Publisher Rupa & Company
ISBN-10 9382393080
Edition 1st Edition
Number of Pages 132 Pages
Publication Year 2012
Language English
ISBN-13 9789382393085
Binding Paperback
Weight 150 grams
Author Mitrajit Bhowmik

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